Puro Centanni BiancoOrganic white wine without sulphites

Falerio Pecorino DOC


“Puro Centanni Bianco” is an organic white wine without sulphites made from 87% Pecorino and 13% Pinot Grigio grapes.
A cut studied after many tests carried out for years in order to compose the D.O.C. Falerio-Pecorino by Giacomo Centanni.

PRODUCTION AREA  Montefiore dell’Aso (AP)

GRAPE VARIETY 87% pecorino 13% pinot grigio

ALTITUDE: 200-300 meters a.s.l.

CLASSIFICATION Falerio Pecorino D.O.C.

SOIL Medium mixture with a high presence of gravel

PRUNING Rammed cord



WINEMAKING Termovinification in the absence of oxygen and sulfur

COLOUR: straw yellow


PAIRINGS Fresh cheese, white meat, or fish

Product details

Puro Centanni Bianco is made with Pecorino 87% and Pinot Grigio 13%. The D.O.C. Falerio-Pecorino blend is the result of many tests carried out over years by Giacomo Centanni.

The organic grapes are harvested perfectly intact and healthy in boxes, when perfectly ripe.

The grapes are quickly taken to the winery without being crushed and processing begins immediately with inert gases to stat the must oxidising.

The must is matured lightly with the skins to extract as much tannin as possible from the variety and to help defend against oxidation.

Once the must has settled selected yeasts are added to stimulate natural alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature. Once the fermentation is over, the wine is clarified by cooling.

When the wine has reached clarity and stability, it will be bottled under inert gas.

All this without adding chemical products, especially not SO2.

During alcoholic fermentation yeast produces small quantities of SO2 as a natural self-defence.

A wine without added sulphites must not exceed 10mgr/lt of SO2, by regulation.


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